Lady Lyrical Kay

Rookie (December 15th,1991 / Detroit, MI)

Biography of Lady Lyrical Kay

She was born December 15th,1991. Three years later she was adopted in the Clark Family. She had a beautiful, very imaginative childhood. When she was in 5th Grade she met a girl named Shelbie. At the time, she thought poems were not cool. But when the time came for her to mature slowly into the 'real world' things began to change.

As she got older, she began to collide with problems with her life, so she began writing poetry to sooth her mind and thoughts. It actually worked. So, now today, speaking in the present, she has named her 'alibi' Lady Lyrical Kay. It comes from the first letter in her actual name, Katrise.

Lady Lyrical Kay's Works:

None, yet. Updates

Real Recognize Real

Real Recognize Real, please,
because of the heat,
not temperaturewise, no,
but of mankind, it is,
so irritating to see how,
black folk become sadiddy,
like it's the thing to do,
so witty.

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