Lajpat Chawla

Freshman - 756 Points [Abhilaaj]

Biography of Lajpat Chawla

Studied at Mumbai. I am a double postgraduate in Literature- English & Hindi also a Sc. Graduate with a Dip. in Journalism I write novels, articles/poems. World affairs, sports, religion, films, cooking, drama, philosophy, Past life regression, Future life progression are my interests. Read lot of fiction. I like to chat with people from all over the world with no strings attached to know their interests and aspirations & to share life's experiences.
I am discovering the mysteries of life and am stunned at my ignorance. Love to creative people.

Lajpat Chawla's Works:

Not yet. Under preparation. Poems are at Updates

The Prayer Of Abhilaaj

On your door, I stand me lord
With folded hands, on knees
The pangs of sorrow cut into me
Like colony of angry bees.

I will partake, if I must
The poisons meant for me
Let the scorpions roll over,
Let the leeches bleed

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