LaLa andersen

Rookie (9-25-92 / Leavenworth, Kansas)

Biography of LaLa andersen

im 15, was born in leavenworth kansas on sept 25th of 92. i traveled a lot before the age of 3 while my parents were off an on. at age 2 an 10 months ma lil bro. was born. we moved quite a bit after but not as much. we ended up staying in a duplex (*switched sides after tornado*) for about 10 years, now we're movin again. i been through a lot of things in life an was never handed anythin. was put through a lot of drama and january of 2007 i dicided to start writing poems...reminded me more of rappin. i like rap hip hop and r&b which is another reason i like poetry so much. my favorite poems are ones that are mainly dealing with real life, as you will see in my later works. real life poems i like more cuz it has more expression an seems to be more real, some times you can feel the emotions an relate to the things people are saying. even tho i am 15 i have found tha man i want to marry, he's supportive, there for me when i need him, always makin things better anyway he can, lovin an sum more...i love him an always will.

LaLa andersen's Works:

im working on currently 2 regular books and 2 poem books. Updates

If I Was To Die Young

Livin life to the fullest, head in the sky
Livin day by day, tryin not to cry
But I jus wonder how life would be easy
Jus to live life With out any misery
Livin life wonderin If todays gonna be ya last
Jus sittin back wonderin Reminicin on tha past
Yea it was tough but in the long run
You always kno tha shyt u did hadda be done
But news flash, was it worth it if I was to die yung

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