(1320 – 1392 / Pandrethan, Srinagar, Kashmir / India)

Lalleshwari Poems

1. A Wooden Bow And Rush Grass For An Arrow 7/13/2012
2. Now I Saw A Stream Flowing 7/13/2012
3. A Royal Fly-Whisk 7/13/2012
4. In Your Mother'swomb You Vowed 7/13/2012
5. I Might Disperse Tthe Southern Clouds 7/13/2012
6. A Thousand Times My Guru I Asked 7/13/2012
7. Ah Me! The Five 7/13/2012
8. I Came Straight 7/13/2012
9. By Pandering To Your Appetites 7/13/2012
10. Patience To Endure Lightning And Thunder 7/13/2012
11. Should You, In This Body, Seek 7/13/2012
12. Slay The Murderous Demons 7/13/2012
13. I Have To Suffer The Consequence 7/13/2012
14. The Arrows Of My Wooden Bow Turned Out 7/13/2012
15. I Have Worn Out My Palate And Tongue 7/13/2012
16. Ocean And The Mind Of Man Are Both Alike 7/13/2012
17. The Sling Knots Of The Load Of Candy 7/13/2012
18. In The Midst Of The Ocean 7/13/2012
19. Probing Inside, I Came 7/13/2012
20. Lalla Wilfully Entered The Garden Door 7/13/2012
21. O, Mind, How Intoxicated You Are 7/13/2012
22. I Overpowered And Subdued 7/13/2012
23. I Didn'T Bear With 7/13/2012
24. I Bore With All Mocking And Jeering 7/13/2012
25. Fondly Will They Drink Water From 7/13/2012
26. Lalla, Embarked On 7/13/2012
27. He, Who Overcomes Pride, Greed, Vanity 7/13/2012
28. The Dirt Of Myfilthy Heart 7/13/2012
29. Draped In Stores Of Knowledge 7/13/2012
30. Bathe Daily At Places Of Pilgrimage 7/13/2012
31. I Treaded On The Expanse 7/13/2012
32. In Seeking And Searching Myself 7/13/2012
33. Chidananda, The Light Of Absolute Knowledge 7/13/2012
34. For Ever We Come, For Ever We Go 7/13/2012
35. Who Slays The Highway Robbers Three 7/13/2012
36. My Guru Gave Me But One Percept 7/13/2012
37. For A Moment I Suppressed The Bellows Of Respiration 7/13/2012
38. Intense Cold Makes Water Ice 7/13/2012
39. Forgetful One, Get Up! 7/13/2012
40. Just For A Moment, Flowers Appear 7/13/2012
Best Poem of Lalleshwari

The Soul, Like The Moon

The soul, like the moon,
is now, and always new again.

And I have seen the ocean
continuously creating.

Since I scoured my mind
and my body, I too, Lalla,
am new, each moment new.

My teacher told me one thing,
live in the soul.

When that was so,
I began to go naked,
and dance.

[Taken from Naked Song, by Lalla / Translated by Coleman Barks]

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He Stands Close By You!

Give up imagining that the skill of killing desire,
and meditating on the Self are too costly to buy;
He stands close by you! Do not look for Him far away.
The void was dissolved in the Void!

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