Lamerre Lucie

Veteran Poet - 1,088 Points [Oiseautempête] (August 17 1997 / Lille)

Lamerre Lucie Quotes

  • ''I guess that the practice of living in the present moment is the practice of deliberate focus on the stream made of your thoughts and feelings and sensations, while practicing non attachement to your past thoughts, feelings and sensations.''
    Lucie Lamerre
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  • ''Sometimes we keep trying to be in the present moment, not understanding why we keep failing at it. It's because we miss the fact that what we are trying to be present with is not the present moment, but our thoughts and feelings about it.''
    Lucie Lamerre
  • ''Living in the moment is the art of letting go of what used to be the moment, but is not anymore, and to see that this isn't sad, cause the moment lasts forever. The moment is life, and as you're life (awareness) , you can't ever run out of it.''
    Lucie Lamerre
  • ''Look at every single being as a unique expression of source itself, a piece of Gods's art.''
    Lucie Lamerre
  • ''Every single emotion is worth holding in your arms.''
    Lucie Lamerre
  • ''Don't be afraid to show your true self to others, cause everybody is craving for someone to allow them to show who they truly are.''
    Lucie Lamerre
  • ''Truth is that it is absurd to keep trying to make pain comfortable or even quite pleasant.
    Pain is pain.
    The only thing that can make it bearable is to become aware of, and to fully understand, this simple, but yet misunderstood truth.''
    Lucie Lamerre

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Best Poem of Lamerre Lucie

Trying To Catch The Sun

On the sand I stand,
Here, in front of the ocean.
My eyes gazing at the horizon,
My body as cold as could be.

They say: 'You get as much as you give'
And the sea pulls its waves up to the shore
And the wind blows the birds away.

I'm trying to catch the Sun,
Trying and wanting to give up

The Sun high and proud
Mocks me, looks down on me;
It knows about my weakness,
It knows about my hopes.

I want the ocean to roar at me,
I want the wind to blow me away,
I want to catch the Sun,
And to lose myself into its light.

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Arriving At Death Safely

I want my life to be an adventure;
No plan, no scadual, no restriction.
Let me the freedom of choosing
Minute by minute which road's the best for me,
While not letting me fall into the trap
Of a predestined and safe existence
Created by those who do not follow their dreams
Too scared to face what they do not expect
And bored to death in their neat homes.

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