Lana May Hamlin

Rookie (Russia)

Lana May Hamlin Poems

1. Sensual 4/2/2007
2. His Decision 4/2/2007
3. Her Worries 4/2/2007
4. Your Promise 4/2/2007
5. Just Hold On 4/2/2007
6. Our Dance 4/2/2007
7. Words Unspoken 4/2/2007
8. His Heartbreaking Charade 4/2/2007
9. Alive Again 4/14/2007
10. Someday 4/14/2007
11. Please 4/14/2007
12. True Love 4/14/2007
13. ~stal3 & L{iss~ 6/11/2007
14. Never-Ending Battle 6/15/2007
15. Our Heaven 7/2/2007
16. The Delay 7/11/2007
17. Destiny 4/2/2007
18. Only Seven 4/2/2007
19. The Last Good-Bye 4/2/2007
20. Heavenly Night 4/2/2007
21. Never Stop The Search 8/22/2007
22. The In Betweens 8/23/2007
23. Shadows Of Forgotten Dreams 4/2/2007
24. Too Much To Ask For 4/2/2007
25. Lies From Sensual Lips 4/2/2007
26. A Beautiful Stranger 4/2/2007
27. Lost 4/2/2007
28. You’re Finally Gone 7/11/2007
29. I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye 7/23/2007
Best Poem of Lana May Hamlin

I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye

I close my eyes and I see your face
Our perfect memories replay in my mind
I miss the feeling of your strong embrace
Your deep kisses I can no longer find
I need to move on the way you did
But something deep inside me has another plan
Maybe you’re the only one for me

I don’t want to say goodbye
I just want you by my side
Tonight, tomorrow, for always

I lay in bed longing to have your arms wrapped around me
I want to hear your sweet voice whispered in my ear
I need to feel the love flowing from your heart to mine
Baby, I just need you here


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A Beautiful Stranger

Walking on the crowded street
I see people I will never meet
Smiling as they pass me by
I smile back at a confident-looking guy
He caught my attention, but I keep walking
On his cell phone, he is talking
I wonder what his life has been like
I wonder if we are anything alike
I wonder if he’s ever had his heart broken

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