Lancashire Lass Susan

Rookie (19th July 1953 / Lancashire, England)

Biography of Lancashire Lass Susan

I am passionate about the LORD JESUS CHRIST and as we are called by God in Matthew 25: 18-20 - to take the Gospel (God's Word - the Bible) to every nation which I have been shown to do through facebook and on this worthy website. Believers among you please share these 'writings' sent through the Holy Spirit. Thank you and God Bless.

Here in Bahrain I was one of the first volunteers in the Bahrain Ladies Christian Prison Ministry which is now in it's 6th year and I view it as a miracle pre-ordained by God here in a predominantly muslim country.

Twenty years of prayer are behind this ministry and prayer throughout the world continues to bring growth and stability to this ministry put in place by God alone. Amen! My calling scriptures to the prison ministry are and continue to be Isaiah 61. Updates

Without You Lord

WITHOUT You Lord I would be a piece of flotsam tossing on a stormy sea
A train in a hurry gaining momentum to certain disaster
A leaf clinging precariously to it's last bit of sanity
An empty soul hungering for something more
A prisoner locked in the fears of her mind
A body that thinks it's in control of its nourishment, uncontrolled in its appetites.
Each day waking without wonderment, going through the motions, striving to remain happy.
Wanting, always wanting SOMETHING MORE!

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