Langston Hughes

(1 February 1902 – 22 May 1967 / Missouri)

Langston Hughes Quotes

  • ''“Cheap little rhymes
    A cheap little tune
    Are sometimes as dangerous
    As a sliver of the moon.” ''
    Langston Hughes
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  • ''“Believing everything she read
    In the daily news,
    (No in-between to choose)
    She thought that only
    One side won,
    Not that BOTH
    Might lose.” ''
    Langston Hughes
  • ''“When peoples care for you and cry for you, they can straighten out your soul.” ''
    Langston Hughes
  • ''“I tire so of hearing people say,
    Let things take their course.
    Tomorrow is another day.
    I do not need my freedom when Im dead.
    I cannot live on tomorrows bread.” ''
    Langston Hughes
  • ''“How still,
    How strangely still
    The water is today,
    It is not good
    For water
    To be so still that way.

    ~ "Sea Calm” ''
    Langston Hughes
  • ''“Sometimes a crumb falls
    From the tables of joy,
    Sometimes a bone
    Is flung.

    To some people
    Love is given,
    To others
    Only heaven.” ''
    Langston Hughes
  • '' “When a man starts out to build a world,
    He starts first with himself” ''
    Langston Hughes
  • ''“Life doesnt frighten me at all.” ''
    ― Langston Hughes, The Collected Poems

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Best Poem of Langston Hughes


Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

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Dream Variations

To fling my arms wide
In some place of the sun,
To whirl and to dance
Till the white day is done.
Then rest at cool evening
Beneath a tall tree
While night comes on gently,
Dark like me-
That is my dream!

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