Rookie (JAMAICA MON! ! ! !)


my name is laporche' but you can call me keke. i am oficially 15 years old. i was born in Jamaica. i love to write poems. i write poems to show my feelings. i am a very friendly person and i dont start any kind of trouble or drama. i am a track star, i love to cheer, play basketball, and softball. i watch football a little (thats only when my brother and my dad want me to but i dont pay attention to it) . Updates

My Life

my life is breakable
i am always heart broken
i fall for stupid things.
i am always sad and depressed.
if only you knew how i felt
you think you know me but you dont.
you think you know how i feel but you dont.
you dont go through or see all the pain that i go through every day
or every night.

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