Laquory Jones

Laquory Jones Poems

1. I Am 2/17/2016
2. Alexi 2/21/2016
3. You Inspire Me 3/12/2016
4. A Shadow Of A Poet 3/16/2016
5. Poetic Artistry 3/24/2016
6. Farewell My Nightingale 3/27/2016
7. Love Xxxx 3/28/2016
8. Forgive Me For I Know Not What I've Done 4/4/2016
9. Never Forget To Smile 4/4/2016
10. Of Like Hearts 4/7/2016
11. Star Power 4/7/2016
12. Beyond The Skies 4/13/2016
13. Angel Of Love 4/13/2016
14. Within These Moments 4/23/2016
15. Little Suzy 4/30/2016
16. The Yearning From Deep Within 5/9/2016
17. Thoughts In The Mind 5/12/2016
18. The Road To History 5/12/2016
19. Lighting Fuses 5/22/2016
20. Re-Occurring Dreams 6/14/2016
21. When Friendship Ends 6/14/2016
22. Dark Are The Times 6/20/2016
23. The Beauty Of Mystery 6/22/2016
24. My Friends And I 6/27/2016
25. The Poet And The Nightingale 7/5/2016
26. Richie's Resolution 8/1/2016
27. The Goddess Of Perseverance 8/21/2016
28. Love Of My Life 8/21/2016
29. Someone To Hold 8/25/2016
30. The Story Of Life 8/26/2016
31. When Love Breaks 8/30/2016
32. Labor Day's Resolution 9/8/2016
33. When It Hit Me Suddenly.... 9/20/2016
34. Spoken From The Heart 4/23/2015
35. Broken 7/24/2015
36. The Road To Peace 7/26/2015
37. Hearted Words 8/13/2015
38. Constant Thinking Binge 10/12/2015
39. Destiny's Melody 10/12/2015
40. Hearts In Chambers 10/12/2015
Best Poem of Laquory Jones

God's Armor

God is my Armor with these emotions that I tend to harbor
Stretched arms out every-time people tries to harm me
Now I'm coming to my senses when life gets too alarming
Fire is the flames that begins the burning deaf are the people
That causes the stomach to start churning I'm constantly
Learning as I see the eyes between the noses must be the
Holy Ghost I struggle to be what Jesus was to earth must
Be this girth that causes me to go berserk making my spine
Begin to jerk when haters begins to lurk must be blood in
Water piranhas are waiting to devour causing even...

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A Government Corrupted

My spoken words are buried deep within the roots
As they spilleth truth rest in peace Alexis, Rudy and DQ
I haven't forgotten about anyone as my days passes
Faster than the setting suns at night you can see me
Barely sleeping forever weeping but I swear I never
Forgot what you all have taught me to live in the moment
Through the pain that Life sometimes had brought me
While Looking at the news I remain disgusted but I
Have to muster up the energy to make a difference

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