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Laquory Jones Poems

81. Heart's Burning 8/2/2017
82. The Spiller Of Truth 8/3/2017
83. A Stand For Unity 8/17/2017
84. Self- Reflecting 9/7/2017
85. Constant Matters 10/7/2017
86. Hopes And Dreams 11/2/2017
87. My Poetic Way 11/2/2017
88. A Mother's Love For Her Child 9/17/2017
89. Things That I Wanted To Say 9/2/2017
90. Dark Places 2/20/2017
91. I Don't Ever Sleep 6/21/2017
92. Life's Moving Vessel 12/2/2016
93. Open Heart 12/4/2016
94. What You Are 2/15/2016
95. The Fire Igniter 10/19/2016
96. Life's End 2/3/2016
97. The Truth About Passion 10/11/2015
98. My Fear Of The End 7/24/2015
99. Sorrowful Regrets 1/15/2016
100. A Poem Just For You 8/27/2015
101. Visions Of Love 7/24/2015
102. The Twisting Of Love 6/24/2017
103. A Government Corrupted 8/30/2017
104. How I Came To Be 11/4/2016
105. Poem Of Thought 7/24/2015
106. My Brain 4/22/2015
107. Twisted Love 9/27/2016
108. Chasing Dreams 10/22/2016
109. God's Armor 4/20/2015

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Best Poem of Laquory Jones

God's Armor

God is my Armor with these emotions that I tend to harbor
Stretched arms out every-time people tries to harm me
Now I'm coming to my senses when life gets too alarming
Fire is the flames that begins the burning deaf are the people
That causes the stomach to start churning I'm constantly
Learning as I see the eyes between the noses must be the
Holy Ghost I struggle to be what Jesus was to earth must
Be this girth that causes me to go berserk making my spine
Begin to jerk when haters begins to lurk must be blood in
Water piranhas are waiting to devour causing even...

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Constant Matters

I closed my eyes and began dreaming of things like never before
Once I left myself open problems had me wheeling more rain falling from the
Ceiling floor beginning to pour themselves in lately I haven't felt the same
I don't even know when I started feeling this way I remember back when
I began thinking that I can change poetry in fact before everything began
Fading to black I believed it Jack while all in the background my family's
Broken and cracked hold up let me retract help me bri

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