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121. The Truth About Passion 10/11/2015
122. What You Are 2/15/2016
123. I Am 2/17/2016
124. Alexi 2/21/2016
125. Sorrowful Regrets 1/15/2016
126. A Poem Just For You 8/27/2015
127. My Fear Of The End 7/24/2015
128. Broken 7/24/2015
129. My Brain 4/22/2015
130. Twisted Love 9/27/2016
131. Poem Of Thought 7/24/2015
132. Chasing Dreams 10/22/2016
133. Self-Improve 1/29/2018
134. God's Armor 4/20/2015

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God's Armor

God is my Armor with these emotions that I tend to harbor
Stretched arms out every-time people tries to harm me
Now I'm coming to my senses when life gets too alarming
Fire is the flames that begins the burning deaf are the people
That causes the stomach to start churning I'm constantly
Learning as I see the eyes between the noses must be the
Holy Ghost I struggle to be what Jesus was to earth must
Be this girth that causes me to go berserk making my spine
Begin to jerk when haters begins to lurk must be blood in
Water piranhas are waiting to devour causing even...

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Poem Of Thought

Inside me lives this story trying to become
Unfolded upon this Rocky Road under the
Blister snow so I guess it had made me
Bitter cold too many empty souls rotted
From the inside out dying out but still I
Sprout I was made to shout and scream
Through these vivid dreams came Reality

It's a Tragedy that came reluctantly pain

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