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Lara Biyuts (aka Lara Biuts, Larisa Biyuts) is a Smashwords author of 14 books of fiction, writer of the RevueBlanche.blogspot, collage maker for her book covers, translator, who signs her translations as Larisa Biyuts. Her novella A Handful of Blossoms is 2012 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention. Her works are accepted for anthologies: Cat’s Cradle Time Yarns (Time Yarns Anthologies) , Authors off the Shelf (Lazy Beagle Entertainment) , Of Words and Water 2014 (Words and Water group supporting WaterAid) , Hope Springs a Turtle, The Black Rose of Winter, and Greek Fire (Lost Tower Publications) . Her old tale and poems are featured on (2013) . Her poetry is on the monthly eJournal The Criterion (April,2014) . She is a Goodreads librarian.

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To draw black glass,
to play the hubris and sublime,
to paint with chalk of words
the expanse over.
The moon over the cloud,
like a japonerie,
will strike upon night verse.
And through the broken glass,
ache overtakes.
The gambler’s time has come.
The dark imagery.
Still pillars.
Towards Zero.

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