Lateef Jan Afridi Ab.latif jan

Rookie - 109 Points (22.april.1981 / Bragg Valley)

Lateef Jan Afridi Ab.latif jan Poems

1. A Longing Person 5/12/2010
2. A Moment Of Mine 6/1/2014
3. A Short Love Story 5/16/2013
4. Advance 2/8/2010
5. Allah Almighty(The Creator) 8/6/2009
6. Alone 5/13/2013
7. Dust Is My Bed 12/10/2009
8. For No Reason 8/20/2016
9. Last Breath 5/17/2009
10. Let's Find Her 3/19/2013
11. Long Longing 12/3/2009
12. My Heart Says 6/27/2013
13. My Love (Where Did You Go?) 4/27/2013
14. My Mother(Aday) 12/3/2009
15. My Wife(The Thinkings) 4/21/2009
16. O My Lord 1/27/2010
17. Oh God Forgive Me When I Whine 5/11/2009
18. Oh My Love 4/26/2009
19. Oh We See 8/2/2009
20. Quraan(The Book Of Allah) 5/5/2009
21. She Is Beautiful 6/25/2013
22. Someday 5/13/2013
23. The Lost Treasure 3/17/2010
24. The Lost Words 7/24/2009
25. The Situation Of My Heart 6/26/2013
26. This Is My Story 6/5/2013
27. We Will Meet Again 5/18/2009
28. When We Get Old And Meet (Imagination) 6/21/2016
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Quraan(The Book Of Allah)

This Qur'an unites us
It guides us to the path of goodness

Almighty Allah revealed it
And his Prophet (peace be upon him) is our teacher

This Qur'an is the guide for our grandfathers and grandsons
It motivates to knowledge and work
Nothing except it edifies us

It's the book of Allah
Nothing except it edifies us
Let us follow it

It's the greatest miracle of Allah
It tells us about the secret of universe

All-Mighty Allah revealed it
And his Prophet (peace be upon him) is our teacher
Let us follow its rules
Let's follow ...

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Oh We See

Oh who see
Oh who see the mosquito spread its wings
In the darkness of the black night
And see its vein in its upper chest
And the brain in these thin bones
And see blood running in its jugular vein
Moving from on joint to another
Forgive me
For what i have previously done

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