laterressa fowler

Rookie (12/30/88 / tulare, ca)

Biography of laterressa fowler

Hmm, what 2 say. Well,1st of all i moved around alot, so i had 2 find a way 2 get things 2 my liking. U get used 2 leaving things b-hind after awhile.
i'm a really shy type of person.2 those who aren't my family that is. theres alot 2 figure out but i will. i think, lol.
i love reading, listening 2 music and singing along, (bad habit, lol.) , playing n the rain with my sis, and, of course, writing poems. i actually read the dictionary for words unknown 2 me. told u i get bored fast. but i can't pronounce half of them, lol. or remember'em.
And im open 2 ne suggestions from ne 1 here, so dont b shy 2 tell me a few hints or so. oh, and please leave a comment on the poems u like.thankz! Updates

Personal Chat

No not another poem. not even something remotely down. Lets just say its something that needs to be cleared up. So this is all about me.

I'm not going to lie just to make things easier. I've learned it does nothing but make disapointments. I might act like I don't care for getting close but its my way of protecting my-self; no one else to fault but my own. I really hate that people think I'm a push over cause its not true. I like giving, unlike some, it really does make me happy. I want to be

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