LaTijera Gipson

Rookie (November 18,1992 / Berverly Hills Ca.)

Biography of LaTijera Gipson

My name is Latijera Gipson. i am 16years old. i love to write anything that i can at anytime. i write short stories, love stories, poems, and songs... i have beeen wrting for 3 years. My favorite poet is the one and only maya anglou, my favorite authers is carl webor, lisa nicole hankerson, alastair j.hatter. and many more, my favorite singer is aaliyah, pattie lebelle, gladiz knight, aretha franklin, and more... my future plans are to college become a socialworker, and a writer of all things...

LaTijera Gipson's Works:

working on publishing one before i turn 24 Updates

Thugs Journey

I walked the streets and knew i was bad,
I reminisced on all the girls i had.
i could make a pimp get mad. Lots of elders look at me and say 'that is so sad, that smart young man headed to the pin.'
I walk down the block, that i knew was hot, but i didnt care cause anywho walked up on me was sure to be shot.
As i continue to walk down the street, i had a sudden lump im my stomache, and it wasnt that i needed to eat. but i had a feeling something was about to pop off that would be deep. I

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