Laura Avelar

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Biography of Laura Avelar

Laura Azucena Avelar, born March 26,1976. Born to Martha Christina Acosta de Avelar and Hector Manuel Lozano Avelar. I have 2 brothers, Hector Rene Avelar and Miguel Angel Avelar. I was born and raised on the southside of Chicago, where I currently reside with my parents. I have 3 dogs, Lola, Lulu and Nena. I'm a pharmacy technician and work at a hospice pharmacy. I've been writing poems since I was 15 years old and I love to express myself through them. A lot of my inspiration comes from my life and the things that I've witnessed and endured. I was married for 3 years to an abusive husband who drank too much and lowered my self esteem and my self worth until I finally woke up and kicked him out. I've never published anything before, so to be able share my poems, even though I'm an extremely private person, is a pleasure. I aspire to one day publish a book of poems, maybe write a memoir on my life or a novel. Who knows what life will bring me in the future. Only God knows. Updates

The Sadness

My sadness swallows me up and devours me.
I walk alone with only my shadow to keep me company.
Finding it difficult to breathe,
I hold my breath til the pain subsides.
Everything disapperars,
no more heart,
no more love,
nor more you.
I am sentenced to eternal damnation and left

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