Laura Fullerton

Rookie (14/11/1992 / Traralgon Hospital)

Biography of Laura Fullerton

I like listening to music and writing.
I don't read very often but when I do, it is something to do with poetry...
I like Khalil Gibran, I think he is awesome!
and many other writer and stuff...
I tend to write weird depressing poems, and it is basically because i tend to have more thoughts when i am sad...
The words won't come to me when i am happy...
STRANGE! ! is oh al..
Thank you and good night! ! ! Updates

Trying To Understand

I am trying to understand why you won't look at me
I am trying to understand why you won't kiss me
When everything seems just fine
I find you in the bathroom, wounding with a knife

And I stand there motionless, hoping the sky, which has become all dark, will return back to it's natural colour.
You have changed in a way, which I cannot explain
Please just look at me and maybe I can feel your pain
There shouldn't be this much shame, don't blame yourself for not feeling the same

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