Laura McCullough Poems

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Mass Production

Sitting next to me on the plane, his arms jerked as if he
were almost out of control, and any moment they

might start to flail. Fear colored his shirt and hair,


Stand on the sidewalk
with a cup of warm soup, curry,
the color of wheat in late August, and let yourself

What Men Want

It's not a mystery. Blow Jobs.
Talk with any man who feels safe
enough to tell you about the man-
code, and he'll admit it. Blow. Jobs.

Weather Terrorism

A chimpanzee raised by humans
bit the finger off a visitor
and had to be sent to a zoo.
Later, his owner came to visit


I dipped my milky, star tipped breasts
into the night of his mouth, his hands
clutching my back. Into his dark, I poured
my surrender, and he became the reliquery

The Decapitation Of Pappy Defranco

The Atlantic City 2am Special picked Donny up
at Trump Marina and left ten minutes late.
He was twenty one
and his friends had left him,

Paradise On The Head Of A Pin

In the room where he waits, hunger