Lauren Cunningham

Rookie (11/01/90 / Dunfermline)

Biography of Lauren Cunningham

Hello, my name is Lauren Gilroy Cunningham and at the moment I am 15. I live in a town called Beith which is in North Ayrshire, Scotland. I go to Garnock Academy which (to be honest) is a terrible school!

Although born in Fife (Scotland) I moved to Kent (England) when i was a baby and then to Upton, Meresyside (England) when I was 3. I lived there until I was eight. It was one of the scariest things I ever had to do, moving back to Scotland. In Upton I went to quite a pleasant public school (which's name escapes me) and had never experienced any real violence. Within a week of going to my new school in Beith (Beith Primary) I happened to Witness some young boy having the shit kicked out of him less than four meters away from me.

I have made many friends in the Garnock Valley and in town (glasgow city centre) of-course! =P It used to be that I loved goin to VooDoo the Under 18's Cathouse every Saturday night in Glasgow with A LOT of mates. Sadly that stopped - although i do still go occasionally - because many of the people who used to go moved on to uni or just simply became bored so 'The Catty' became like shit =o

Nowdays I just try and do well at school =P Write poems, songs and stories now and then and have fun =D Updates


In feilds where fairness can be planted,
Where the river cleans All humanity,
When the tree's fruit feeds everyone,
When the damage has been undone,
When human nature is not allowed to kill itself,
Then I will admit,
That man, is what it should be.

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