Lauren Cunningham

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Biography of Lauren Cunningham

Hello, my name is Lauren Gilroy Cunningham and at the moment I am 15. I live in a town called Beith which is in North Ayrshire, Scotland. I go to Garnock Academy which (to be honest) is a terrible school!

Although born in Fife (Scotland) I moved to Kent (England) when i was a baby and then to Upton, Meresyside (England) when I was 3. I lived there until I was eight. It was one of the scariest things I ever had to do, moving back to Scotland. In Upton I went to quite a pleasant public school (which's name escapes me) and had never experienced any real violence. Within a week of going to my new school in Beith (Beith Primary) I happened to Witness some young boy having the shit kicked out of him less than four meters away from me.

I have made many friends in the Garnock Valley and in town (glasgow city centre) of-course! =P It used to be that I loved goin to VooDoo the Under 18's Cathouse every Saturday night in Glasgow with A LOT of mates. Sadly that stopped - although i do still go occasionally - because many of the people who used to go moved on to uni or just simply became bored so 'The Catty' became like shit =o

Nowdays I just try and do well at school =P Write poems, songs and stories now and then and have fun =D Updates

Galaxy Of Thoughts

I sit and think about things far too often,
It's my biggest problem,
A thought,
Of no particular significance,
Will enter my head,
Next thing I know,
I'm half way to the moon,
In my flight of thought,
Carrying me around the universe.

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