Lauren Humphrey

Lauren Humphrey Poems

1. Perception 8/21/2007
2. Uncovered 9/9/2007
3. Lovr 12/8/2007
4. Chained 1/31/2008
5. The Angel: Jake’s Poem 2/25/2008
6. The Choice 2/26/2008
7. Left Alone Here To Fight My Disasters 2/26/2008
8. Defamed 3/5/2008
9. The Darkened Road 3/17/2008
10. Awaiting 4/1/2008
11. Hypocrite 4/20/2008
12. I Did This For You 5/13/2008
13. The Pyramid 6/5/2008
14. Dearest Dad, Where Have You Gone? 8/1/2008
15. Haunted 7/2/2009
16. A Town Of Filth 7/2/2009
17. Clouds 7/14/2009
18. Cat And Mouse 7/14/2009
19. Unfaithful 7/14/2009
20. Change 7/4/2007
21. Graduation Day 6/5/2008
Best Poem of Lauren Humphrey

Graduation Day

Memories float among the abyss,
As hearts smile with joy,
And cry with loneliness.
Although happiness prevails,
The sorrow lingers on.
People glow a new shade,
And life begins to take on new meaning.
The long speeches and the loud applause’s fill the void.
The joyful cheers and the bone crushing hugs subside the pain
Today is graduation day.
It is not an ending but a new beginning.

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Five bodies connected
By one’s lust of vital redemption.
A simple Saturday night thrust into a struggling Sunday nightmare.
Shivering and shaking, in fear I cry.
Open your eyes wont you please.
The alcohol danced down your throat,
As the smoke consumed their lungs.
I ignored the clear-cut signs,
I just went with the fun.

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