Lauren Vine

Rookie (20-01-1991 / Melbourne)

Biography of Lauren Vine

lauren. nineteen. australia. single.
[♥ ] friends. family. cosmetics. jewelery. corsets. fashion. late nights. perfection. photography. poetry. perfume. lyrics. vintage. modern. cuddles. kisses. glamour. sunrise. sunset. stripes. black. high heels. pearls. bows. msn. laptop. england. tekken6. alcohol. hot chocolates. first dates. blazers. scarves. winter. swing. shopping. nails. love. lust. addiction. money. relationships. new friends. Updates

My Apology

I spent night after night,
Day after day,
Worrying about myself,
That I didn't even bother to realise
That I wasn't the only one in pain
I wasn't the only one hurting.
I should have been there to help you.
But I wasn't and for that,
I truly am sorry.

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