Laurence E. Bourke

Rookie (08/04/09 / Dublin, Ireland)

Biography of Laurence E. Bourke

I am a 20 year old student, not working at the moment but looking for work, love to write poetry and have done so since i was around 11 or so, alwasy looking for a new poem to read or a new poet I've never heard of, I love to read also, socialise, play computer games(mostly rpgs) and I hope to have a good stay here and maybe get some recognition for my writings...hope you like them! !

Laurence E. Bourke's Works:

None yet lol, hopefully I will someday! ! Updates

The Collision(Dream)

All night, you weighed me up, globular, a mad-god eye,
From your jeweled grove. What weight can measure the
Sky when you unbalance so. Dark sided circumference, always
Hidden, maybe you’ve lived forever,

Planetoid Eidolon, enlarging the night, your orbit incalculable, oblong
And ancient. It frightens me to death. Staring down and down
Through the filmy epidermal sky-layers, Weightlessly, Yet
Terrifically powerful, a back lit sea magnet,

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