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Rookie (08/04/09 / Dublin, Ireland)

Biography of Laurence E. Bourke

I am a 20 year old student, not working at the moment but looking for work, love to write poetry and have done so since i was around 11 or so, alwasy looking for a new poem to read or a new poet I've never heard of, I love to read also, socialise, play computer games(mostly rpgs) and I hope to have a good stay here and maybe get some recognition for my writings...hope you like them! !

Laurence E. Bourke's Works:

None yet lol, hopefully I will someday! ! Updates

In Sleep

In sleep, in sleep, I wander deep,
Into minds un-ego’ed keep,
And swim in thoughts
And swim in dark,
To where all source of thoughts embark,

In sleep, in dreams, I saunter slow,
To where all conscious things must go,
And ramble on

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