Laurence E. Bourke

Rookie (08/04/09 / Dublin, Ireland)

Biography of Laurence E. Bourke

I am a 20 year old student, not working at the moment but looking for work, love to write poetry and have done so since i was around 11 or so, alwasy looking for a new poem to read or a new poet I've never heard of, I love to read also, socialise, play computer games(mostly rpgs) and I hope to have a good stay here and maybe get some recognition for my writings...hope you like them! !

Laurence E. Bourke's Works:

None yet lol, hopefully I will someday! ! Updates

Summer Surfaces

The over-blue is full of noise, and bottomless, summer sinks its
Humid teeth into the sky, boiling tons of barely breathable air,
Dynamic flotillas of white clouds graze the illusory crown of sun,

The garden is a greenhouse, a sultry square walled hell,
No siestas here, just oppressive rays per square inch,
Squeezing perspiration from humans, full of sleep,

Somewhere, a lawnmower is growling hypnotically,

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