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201. The Convention 4/14/2008
202. The Conversion Of St. Paul 4/14/2008
203. The Corset Of Time 4/14/2008
204. The Dawning Of A New Millennium 4/15/2008
205. The Emperor's Old Clothes 4/15/2008
206. The Face In The Tube 4/15/2008
207. The Fallow Time 4/15/2008
208. The Last Passage 4/15/2008
209. The Mona Lisa 4/15/2008
210. The Plumlee Mr. Bruce 4/16/2008
211. The Road To Baghdad 4/16/2008
212. The Road To Damascus 4/16/2008
213. The Word 4/16/2008
214. Think About It 4/17/2008
215. Trapped 4/18/2008
216. Tower 2, Floor 87 4/18/2008
217. Return 4/18/2008
218. Trees Of Life 4/18/2008
219. True Art 4/18/2008
220. True Dagger 4/18/2008
221. Two 4/18/2008
222. Two Timing 4/18/2008
223. Undone 4/18/2008
224. Urchin 4/18/2008
225. Washington Square Park In Fall 4/18/2008
226. Watch Winding 4/18/2008
227. The Wake Of A Dream 4/16/2008
228. The Warning Of Tombstones 4/16/2008
229. Billy The Sixteen-Year-Old Kid 4/19/2008
230. Snowbound 4/19/2008
231. Brain Lapse (Sic 4/19/2008
232. Broken Compass 4/19/2008
233. The Attic 4/19/2008
234. Blows To The Head 4/19/2008
235. Thine Own 4/20/2008
236. Poetry Is Dead 4/20/2008
237. Word To The Latecomer 4/20/2008
238. When Flora Opened The Door 4/20/2008
239. Willie At The Foot Of The Bed (An Ode To Mary Todd Lincoln) 4/20/2008
240. Pop Goes The Bubble 4/20/2008

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  • Amir Mohammad Islami Chalandar (6/7/2014 6:55:00 AM)

    nice poems. you are great in showing feels.that shows a good improvement. i invite you to read my poems at my poets page. that is a friendly invitation

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Best Poem of Laurence Overmire

To Gov. William Bradford (Of Plymouth Plantation)

I think of you now
My 10th great grandfather
I think of you now when
I should have thought of you
Many times before.

The debt of gratitude I owe
Too great to ever be repaid
If not for you, I would not
Be here.

And yet, how many others can say
The same
This entire nation perhaps was
Held together by the seed of your
Committed strength and character.

Across the great ocean you came
And left all but a dream behind
Your wife, lost overboard
Before she ever set foot to shore.

Yet you endured, you and only a
Handful of those ...

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Sink Hole

He made the mistake of standing on top of the television set.
He thought maybe he could conquer it, I guess
But instead

It swallowed him up and burped him out into an

And if we don’t pay $149.95 in six easy installments
We’ll probably never see him again.

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