Lawrence Beck

Lawrence Beck Poems

1. Tramedol 1/29/2018
2. House Party 1/29/2018
3. January 31 1/31/2018
4. Not The Barbarian Horde 2/5/2018
5. Islets 2/5/2018
6. When Did This Happen? 2/11/2018
7. Haley After Work 2/11/2018
8. The Night Visitor 2/12/2018
9. To Be Human 2/12/2018
10. A Proximate Approximate 2/12/2018
11. Valentine 2/14/2018
12. The Nouveau Riche Versus The Impecunious Esthete 2/15/2018
13. Forget About The Future 2/15/2018
14. A Suggestion 2/17/2018
15. Thaw 2/17/2018
16. Has Much Changed? 2/19/2018
17. Space Available 2/21/2018
18. Pornography 2/21/2018
19. That Sound 2/24/2018
20. 4: 00 Am 2/26/2018
21. Goodbye 3/1/2018
22. Surprise! 3/2/2018
23. That's Just How It Is 3/2/2018
24. Afterward 3/2/2018
25. Leaving The Cosomologists 3/5/2018
26. La Push 3/6/2018
27. As The Trump-Pets Blare, Their End Is In Sight 3/7/2018
28. Progress 3/9/2018
29. Among Other Misfortunes 3/10/2018
30. He Painted Me Before I Was Born 3/11/2018
31. At Some Point, I Suppose That We'll Get Out 3/12/2018
32. Almost Home 3/16/2018
33. Put Me Out Of Mind 3/20/2018
34. Depressions 3/23/2018
35. The Necessities Of Life 3/24/2018
36. One Reason To Go Back 3/27/2018
37. The April I Prefer 3/30/2018
38. Palestine 4/1/2018
39. The Neighbors 4/2/2018
40. A Nation Of Sociopaths 4/3/2018

Comments about Lawrence Beck

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (12/1/2008 5:30:00 AM)

    your poems are passionate and devastating.

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    3 person did not like.
  • Lori Boulard (10/3/2006 7:29:00 AM)

    It occurred to me this morning that no matter why I sign onto this site, if there's a Lawrence Beck post, I'm there. I have yet to be disappointed by anything you've written, Monsieur Beck, and that says a lot. Your poems are tight, real, and manage to balance between pure artistry and readability. It is a pleasure to read you here!
    Cheers, Lori

Best Poem of Lawrence Beck

House Party

The air is thick with voices.All their
Owners talk about themselves,
Adolescents most of all, but also
Those who are much older.I'm not
Sure why this is so.Does each one
Think that he or she is of more interest
Than the others?Does each simply
See no point to learning about
Someone else, or are they in
A competition, seeking to become
The one who wins, who is most
Talked about?I cannot tell.I do not
Speak.The ones who do are proven
Dull, but I'm aware that I am, too,
I've had a drink, and now I'm keener
To go searching for another than I ...

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Not The Barbarian Horde

I sank into a funk sometime after breakfast.The weather
Was bleak and cold.A few snowflakes floated without
Resolution above the already-frozen ground.The nation,
Having given up pretending to be civilized, went blindly
Down the path to war behind a cretin.Somewhere
North and west of here, my love was not yet up, not eating
Breakfast, unaware that she, her absence, not the
Antics of the cretins clamoring for war, was what had
Driven me into that funk.

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