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1. Not Wholly Sold On Spring 5/7/2018
2. Maybe Elevated 5/12/2018
3. Babble 5/15/2018
4. Grasping 5/18/2018
5. Tinkerbell 5/20/2018
6. The Prince Of Good Cheer 5/21/2018
7. Half-Assed Arhat 5/22/2018
8. Because A Bird Flew By 5/22/2018
9. Bread And Wine, Echoes Of The Metro 5/28/2018
10. The Tragedy Of The Too-Handsome Man 5/28/2018
11. Numerology 5/28/2018
12. Over The Horizon 5/29/2018
13. Maneater 5/31/2018
14. A Benefit To Sobriety? 6/1/2018
15. No Longer Human 6/4/2018
16. The Populists 6/5/2018
17. Kinks In The Food Chain 6/5/2018
18. Move On, Archaelogist 6/7/2018
19. Pastorale 6/12/2018
20. Mediation 6/14/2018
21. Domestic Bliss 6/14/2018
22. Far From Tintern Abbey 6/15/2018
23. Gentrification 6/19/2018
24. Jail Bait 6/20/2018
25. Impressed 6/22/2018
26. Primeval 6/23/2018
27. Surprise! 6/25/2018
28. A Rainy June In Nebraska 6/26/2018
29. Bvi 6/28/2018
30. Feckless Pilot 7/2/2018
31. The Blue And The Green 7/3/2018
32. Ericson's Lakeside Resort 7/3/2018
33. Dead Muslims 7/7/2018
34. Summer In Cottonwood 7/9/2018
35. Descartes Versus Rousseau, Twelve Round Title Match 7/11/2018
36. Saved 7/12/2018
37. Precious 7/17/2018
38. Quotidian 7/18/2018
39. Getting Away 7/23/2018
40. After The Elders Die 7/23/2018

Comments about Lawrence Beck

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (12/1/2008 5:30:00 AM)

    your poems are passionate and devastating.

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    3 person did not like.
  • Lori Boulard (10/3/2006 7:29:00 AM)

    It occurred to me this morning that no matter why I sign onto this site, if there's a Lawrence Beck post, I'm there. I have yet to be disappointed by anything you've written, Monsieur Beck, and that says a lot. Your poems are tight, real, and manage to balance between pure artistry and readability. It is a pleasure to read you here!
    Cheers, Lori

Best Poem of Lawrence Beck

Like My Shadow

The pain is here, my boon companion,
Rising out of bed with me each morning,
Taking walks with me.It warns me not
To use my car, or climb or even descend
Stairs.It tells me that I shouldn't sleep,
Yet also says I shouldn't be too active.
How I've tired of it, but it seems satisfied
With me, and can't be hushed or shooed
Away.At best, the little pills I take
Reduce it.Still, though smaller sized,
It's pain, and stays with me.

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When did the river first come down this valley?
Was there a valley here when it came?
Was it a trickle at first, or a torrent?
Such meaningless questions, their answers
Unknown.I'm babbling at you.
Hand me the wine.The sun is so warm.
The water is pretty, and I am so happy
You're here.

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