Lawrence CH Hiun

Biography of Lawrence CH Hiun

As management consultant and trainer by profession. Have a B.Sc. (Hon.) in Chemistry from USM Penang, West Malaysia and MBA from Open University UK.
Interested in composing poems and songs in past times. Love travelling around the world and enjoying meeting new friends and poets around the world.

I love to play classical guitar, listening to classical music plus contemporary music, songs. I enjoy cycling and jogging along the beaches.
My Vision is to become a poet and publish some personal poems with good stories lines and some management books in the near future.

Lawrence CH Hiun's Works:

'My Poetic Poems: A Journey of a Poet' will be published in 2013 by Trafford Publishing Singapore. Updates

Successful Dreams

You must have clear dream in life,
Do search and seek your dream,
Make it a reality one day,
Seek and learn new knowledge and skills.

Never cease to learn each day,
Learning never stop.
Do what you have to do Today,
So you can do what you want to do tomorrow.

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