Lawrence CH Hiun

Lawrence CH Hiun Poems

81. Liberty 4/22/2012
82. Make Me Cry 3/30/2012
83. Change In Me 7/21/2012
84. A Dream As A Traveller 3/14/2012
85. Just The Way I Feel 1/13/2012
86. A Poem Especially For You 1/13/2012
87. You And The Roses 1/20/2012
88. His Way, My Way 3/13/2012
89. Beauty Of Nature 3/7/2012
90. Feminine Beauty 3/6/2012
91. Wonderful Life 3/18/2012
92. I Have A Vision 7/11/2012
93. Be My Valentine 1/9/2012
94. Successful Dreams 11/30/2011
95. Positive Attitude 1/29/2012
96. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 11/30/2011
97. Painful Solitude 3/7/2012
98. My Love 2/21/2012
99. New Roads Are Not Taken 1/2/2014
100. Clouds 3/23/2012
101. All Around 3/23/2012
102. True Love Is... 3/26/2012
103. Great Friendship 2/11/2012
104. Prayer For My Late Mother 2/28/2012
105. The Smile Of You 9/2/2013
106. Positive Thinker 3/25/2012
107. Farewell, My Beloved Mum 2/24/2012
108. My Last Words 1/11/2012
109. Self Motivation 3/26/2012
110. Dreaming As A Traveller 3/15/2012
111. Reflection Of Life 5/25/2012
112. Peace In Me 7/27/2012
113. A Cute Poem For A Cute Girl 1/31/2012
114. The Power Of God's Love 1/12/2012
115. I Have A Dream 2/11/2012
116. A Journey Of A Poet 3/23/2012
Best Poem of Lawrence CH Hiun

A Journey Of A Poet

A journey begins with
A thought in our mind
Words are chosen and formed.

Lines of poem
Well Written with meanings
With words of emotions and expressions

A poet starts with
An inspiration of mind,
An aspiration in soul mind

With reflection
On our life experience
We start to
Compose some
Wonderful poetry

Expressing our innermost thoughts
With deep contemplation
To put them in poetry words

A journey begins when
A poet takes his imagination
To a place where
No one ever dream or imagine before.

A poet's ...

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Life Is Beautiful

Life is a miracle, don’t let it slip away;
Open your heart to others.
Give of yourself each day;
To See the beauty and love in everyone.

Regardless of whom they are and where they’ve been;
Some have difficult journey in life.
And they really need a friend and God;
In times of difficulties and turbulence.

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