Lawrence S. Pertillar

Gold Star - 48,706 Points (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Lawrence S. Pertillar Poems

4921. Left...Behind! As Two Thousand And Ten Begins 1/3/2010
4922. This Living Earth Is Sick Of Conflicts 1/4/2010
4923. The Obnoxious Ones 1/5/2010
4924. Where Did The Whistle Blowers Go? 1/5/2010
4925. Each Night That Dissolves Into Bright Daylight 1/5/2010
4926. You Need To Boot That Attitude You'Ve Got 1/5/2010
4927. Epiphany 1/5/2010
4928. 'Is Any Of This Suppose To Make Sense...? ' 1/5/2010
4929. It Is Not Up To Me 1/5/2010
4930. Climb Over That Hill 1/6/2010
4931. I Use To Wish I Had Children 1/6/2010
4932. Every Illusion Is Catered 1/6/2010
4933. Come What May Pray Everyday 1/7/2010
4934. Put Yourself On A Diet Of Love 1/7/2010
4935. If They Have Time Like You To Waste 1/13/2010
4936. To Keep A Stagnation Understood And Relevant 1/13/2010
4937. Of Haitian Blood 1/14/2010
4938. Visions Griping Onto A Quality Of Life 1/14/2010
4939. Live Life To Give And Believe 1/14/2010
4940. Subjected To Their Release Of Insecurities 1/15/2010
4941. Traumatized By Too Much Reality 1/15/2010
4942. Just A Knucklehead 1/15/2010
4943. Simplistic Is Adorned Beauty 1/18/2010
4944. By Choice 1/19/2010
4945. Voted The Most Congenial 1/19/2010
4946. Know Your Dreams 1/19/2010
4947. Protective Insignificance Kept 1/19/2010
4948. Safe From Rivalry 1/19/2010
4949. Staring Them In The Face As Proof 1/20/2010
4950. Libérés...Percevoir Ce Qui Se Passe En Haïti 1/20/2010
4951. Digested To Manifest 1/20/2010
4952. Adorn That Rainbow 1/21/2010
4953. Out Of Their Comfort Zones They Are Thrown 1/21/2010
4954. Shifting Winds 1/21/2010
4955. In Fear To Live Without An Approval Given 1/21/2010
4956. No Respect For Duets 1/21/2010
4957. Imploding In Their Conditioned Positions 1/21/2010
4958. No Longer Is That Scent Addicting 1/21/2010
4959. Martyrized 1/22/2010
4960. Soothing Effectiveness 1/22/2010
Best Poem of Lawrence S. Pertillar

$10 A Gallon?

$10 a gallon?
For what?

'Does that really matter now?
When it approached
One dollar per gallon...
You should have voiced your concern then!
Not when your pockets have gotten thin.
And deepened to hold more lint!
You want to make cents?
Put these sunglasses on.
Grab a twig from a bush...
And get to begging!
You might gain some sympathy,
From someone who recognizes you are in disguise.
And they are in the mood,
To share with you their good attitude.
IF they have some of 'that' left! '

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When a mind is shut...
Don't try to pry it open.
It is better where it is decaying,
Left alone.
Leave it!
There is hope with others showing
Signs of response.
Those who are replusive...
Are already dead anyway!

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