Lawrence S. Pertillar

Gold Star - 48,706 Points (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Lawrence S. Pertillar Poems

9081. A Loathing For Wolves In Sheep Clothing 9/27/2011
9082. I Could Reach From A Stoop 9/27/2011
9083. Under High Steeples 9/27/2011
9084. More Of Your Wounding 9/27/2011
9085. Get Up! Get Over It 9/27/2011
9086. One World We'Ve Been Given 9/27/2011
9087. With A Wish To Repay The Betrayer 9/27/2011
9088. 'A' Is No Longer Available 9/27/2011
9089. Experts In Their Chosen Fields 9/28/2011
9090. Traveling To Notice And Absorb 9/28/2011
9091. With A Looking Back 9/28/2011
9092. Accustomed To Ignoring Their Own Treasures 9/28/2011
9093. We Thought You Were Here With Us 9/28/2011
9094. Direct And Decisive 9/28/2011
9095. Outside Of The Loop 9/28/2011
9096. Temptations Conveniently Hidden 9/28/2011
9097. A Noticeably Aging School Yard Game 9/29/2011
9098. Please Think About This 9/29/2011
9099. Smeared With Mud And Smelling Of Fried Chicken 9/29/2011
9100. A Credit Crunch? 9/29/2011
9101. Easy To Forget 9/29/2011
9102. Looking Out Of Windows 9/29/2011
9103. Quicker Than A Wick 9/29/2011
9104. Rhythmistic Pulse 9/29/2011
9105. With A Conscious Awareness Of Acceptance 9/29/2011
9106. If I Had 'Their' Time 9/30/2011
9107. We All Reap From The Value Of Our Investments 9/30/2011
9108. In Our Individual Lives 10/1/2011
9109. Their Way Of Playing 10/1/2011
9110. The Reality Of These Revelations 10/1/2011
9111. Scholars Of Knowledge 10/1/2011
9112. Someone Who Has Grown 10/2/2011
9113. Directed Through Adverse Winds 10/2/2011
9114. Sincerely Expressed 9/26/2011
9115. Giving Up Is Hard To Do 9/26/2011
9116. Sought And Mooched 9/26/2011
9117. Willing To Nitpick The Details 9/26/2011
9118. Your Poppa's Pooped 9/25/2011
9119. Atmosphere Of Honesty 10/2/2011
9120. I Like It 10/4/2011
Best Poem of Lawrence S. Pertillar

$10 A Gallon?

$10 a gallon?
For what?

'Does that really matter now?
When it approached
One dollar per gallon...
You should have voiced your concern then!
Not when your pockets have gotten thin.
And deepened to hold more lint!
You want to make cents?
Put these sunglasses on.
Grab a twig from a bush...
And get to begging!
You might gain some sympathy,
From someone who recognizes you are in disguise.
And they are in the mood,
To share with you their good attitude.
IF they have some of 'that' left! '

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Ghastly Ghoulish Rule

Why be dismayed,
By the eggs these chickens laid?
You were told that the rooster
Was a goosing hooting booster.
From the beginning it was said,
Everything he touched he poisoned dead!
And STILL you let him in your coop?
With all his stink and all his poot!
You should have given him long the boot!

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