Lawrence S. Pertillar

Gold Star - 48,706 Points (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Lawrence S. Pertillar Poems

9161. Peacefully Kept Secret 10/7/2011
9162. Relax In The Improvisation Of It All 10/8/2011
9163. Those Visits With Flashbacks 10/8/2011
9164. Which Definitions For Them Have Changed 10/8/2011
9165. Here Is A Four Dollar Bill 10/8/2011
9166. In The Minds Of Those Judgemental 10/8/2011
9167. That Mist You Wish To Leave 10/8/2011
9168. Stoic, Mundane And Unemotional 10/8/2011
9169. You Are On My Wish List 10/8/2011
9170. People Forget 10/9/2011
9171. Felt Inside, Known And Not Hiding 10/9/2011
9172. Over The Top And Unneccesary 10/9/2011
9173. If You Are Up To The Challenge 10/9/2011
9174. So Accustomed To This 10/9/2011
9175. To Add Onto A Collection Of Experiences 10/9/2011
9176. To Boldly Hold 10/9/2011
9177. Each Dawning Every Morning 10/9/2011
9178. No Protocol 10/9/2011
9179. Rushing To Enter An Empty Playground 10/9/2011
9180. This One Is On Me 10/9/2011
9181. They'Ve Got All Of That In Abundance 10/10/2011
9182. As If Invisible 10/10/2011
9183. Peppered And Sprayed 10/10/2011
9184. Their Prayers Are Going Unanswered 10/10/2011
9185. This Introduces Suspicion 10/10/2011
9186. To Keep Thieves And Undesirables Away 10/10/2011
9187. Locked In Padded Cells 10/10/2011
9188. You'Re Here To Stay 10/10/2011
9189. Too Comfortable A Passenger 10/11/2011
9190. What Needs To Be Done 10/11/2011
9191. Devoted To Being Grateful 10/11/2011
9192. Something We Wish To Prove 10/11/2011
9193. Who Should Receive More 'Patience' Than They Get? 10/11/2011
9194. Too Blinded By Delusion 10/11/2011
9195. There Is A Goodness That Comes 10/12/2011
9196. Address On Madness Boulevard 10/12/2011
9197. When Truth Is Eventually Faced 10/12/2011
9198. I Could Have Easily Used A Simple Wrench 10/12/2011
9199. Feeling Like You'Re Wrapped Up In Tight Knots 10/12/2011
9200. Better Days Are Made For The Ones Who Pay The Price 10/12/2011
Best Poem of Lawrence S. Pertillar

$10 A Gallon?

$10 a gallon?
For what?

'Does that really matter now?
When it approached
One dollar per gallon...
You should have voiced your concern then!
Not when your pockets have gotten thin.
And deepened to hold more lint!
You want to make cents?
Put these sunglasses on.
Grab a twig from a bush...
And get to begging!
You might gain some sympathy,
From someone who recognizes you are in disguise.
And they are in the mood,
To share with you their good attitude.
IF they have some of 'that' left! '

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You Are My Boo...Boo!

You may never know
That I am troubled too.
You may never know that,
Like I do.

You may never see me frown
Or hold a grudge...
But I have been down.
So low I couldn't budge!

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