Lawrence S. Pertillar

Gold Star - 48,706 Points (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Lawrence S. Pertillar Poems

9881. Kids I Once Knew Had Specific Chores 1/22/2012
9882. Only To Go Deeper In Unaided 1/23/2012
9883. No Misconceptions 1/23/2012
9884. Within The Next Few Months 1/23/2012
9885. Easily Accessible 1/23/2012
9886. Smelling Salts 1/24/2012
9887. Assiduous 1/24/2012
9888. Shows As Being Clearly Exposed 1/24/2012
9889. Was That Before Or After... 1/24/2012
9890. With A Catering Done 1/24/2012
9891. In The Land Of Make Believe 1/24/2012
9892. With An Unabashed Bragging Done 1/24/2012
9893. Part Of The Deal 1/24/2012
9894. Exiting To Emerge 1/24/2012
9895. Contributor To Your Disgust 1/25/2012
9896. I Am Tested...Yes! 1/25/2012
9897. You Will Not Have To Go Too Far 1/25/2012
9898. No Matter How Alluring The Scent 1/25/2012
9899. It Only Takes One To Visit 1/25/2012
9900. What Is The Point Being Made 1/25/2012
9901. The Life Lived Of A Belching Frog 1/25/2012
9902. Free People 1/25/2012
9903. Where The Problem Is 1/26/2012
9904. Easier To Predict 1/26/2012
9905. It's Never Too Late 1/26/2012
9906. To Maintain The Brightness Of The Dots 1/26/2012
9907. While Seeking Something More Impressive 1/27/2012
9908. This Is Getting More And More Outrageous 1/27/2012
9909. Judged By Just Looking At Its Cover 1/27/2012
9910. There Is Nothing That Can Compare 1/27/2012
9911. You Can Not Force Anyone To Love You 1/27/2012
9912. To Have A Point Of View 1/27/2012
9913. Willing To Look At This Objectively 1/27/2012
9914. With A Patience To Them To Give 1/27/2012
9915. Perception Of Success 1/28/2012
9916. In A Stampede Rushing 1/28/2012
9917. If The Playing Field Was Leveled 1/28/2012
9918. Buy A Pair Of Gloves 1/12/2012
9919. 'Apparently They Are Not Aware Of This' 1/12/2012
9920. One Thought This The Best To Do 1/12/2012
Best Poem of Lawrence S. Pertillar

$10 A Gallon?

$10 a gallon?
For what?

'Does that really matter now?
When it approached
One dollar per gallon...
You should have voiced your concern then!
Not when your pockets have gotten thin.
And deepened to hold more lint!
You want to make cents?
Put these sunglasses on.
Grab a twig from a bush...
And get to begging!
You might gain some sympathy,
From someone who recognizes you are in disguise.
And they are in the mood,
To share with you their good attitude.
IF they have some of 'that' left! '

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Ghastly Ghoulish Rule

Why be dismayed,
By the eggs these chickens laid?
You were told that the rooster
Was a goosing hooting booster.
From the beginning it was said,
Everything he touched he poisoned dead!
And STILL you let him in your coop?
With all his stink and all his poot!
You should have given him long the boot!

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