Lawrence S. Pertillar

Gold Star - 48,706 Points (February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Lawrence S. Pertillar Poems

13041. But Why? 12/11/2013
13042. In The Hopes That Prayer Will Chase Reality Away 12/11/2013
13043. A Lasting Impression 12/11/2013
13044. That Spark 12/12/2013
13045. In Ways They Stay Junkies 12/12/2013
13046. Let's Talk 12/13/2013
13047. It's Quicker, Easier And Far More Efficient 12/13/2013
13048. Pointless Decisions Made 12/14/2013
13049. Tone Of Delivery And Attitude 12/14/2013
13050. Look Forward 12/14/2013
13051. I Am No Doctor 12/14/2013
13052. When The Pressure Is On 12/14/2013
13053. Show Lots Of Teeth 12/15/2013
13054. Caught Up In A Display Of Pomp 12/15/2013
13055. Without Believable Depth Connected 12/15/2013
13056. Don'T Throw My Heart Away 12/15/2013
13057. Can You Describe What That Is 12/15/2013
13058. What Everyone Else Has Done 12/16/2013
13059. Fear To Leave Behind The Mundane 11/22/2013
13060. Choosing To Escape From Safe Places 11/22/2013
13061. Within Caverns Deep 11/23/2013
13062. Which District Is This? 11/23/2013
13063. Something To Share 11/23/2013
13064. Presence Of Evidence 11/23/2013
13065. With A Few Less Crosses To Bear 11/24/2013
13066. You'Ve Got Jokes, Huh? 11/24/2013
13067. Riding Undenied To Sit High On A Saddle 11/24/2013
13068. Where Are You Going With This...'It'? 10/24/2013
13069. Untie The Safety Knots 11/17/2013
13070. More Than Not And Often 11/26/2013
13071. No Attempt Made To Try 11/27/2013
13072. Familiarity Is Rarely Rejected 11/27/2013
13073. Treats To Nibble 11/27/2013
13074. No Time To Comprehend 11/28/2013
13075. Better Qualified 11/28/2013
13076. Impersonal Questions 11/28/2013
13077. In Cliques And Divisions 11/29/2013
13078. Another Chip At The Load 11/29/2013
13079. On The Flipside 11/30/2013
13080. Strong Enough To Smell 12/1/2013
Best Poem of Lawrence S. Pertillar

$10 A Gallon?

$10 a gallon?
For what?

'Does that really matter now?
When it approached
One dollar per gallon...
You should have voiced your concern then!
Not when your pockets have gotten thin.
And deepened to hold more lint!
You want to make cents?
Put these sunglasses on.
Grab a twig from a bush...
And get to begging!
You might gain some sympathy,
From someone who recognizes you are in disguise.
And they are in the mood,
To share with you their good attitude.
IF they have some of 'that' left! '

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You Know The Ones

Aren't you tired of the folks who pass judgement?
You know the ones...
Quick to tell you how you should live
Always taking handouts from those they take for granted,
Criticizing the people who take their time to give.

Aren't you sick of those who waste your time to gossip?
You know the ones,
Glued to phones like weapons,

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