Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Lawrence S. Pertillar Quotes

  • ''First qualify you can identify,
    What the lesson is to be taught.
    If a position of wisdom is to be taken.
    And before claiming a success to get,
    Can be achieved...
    Without sleeping to know,
    The meaning of failure.
    Or awakening to never again,
    Experience another nightmare.
    First qualify you can identify fear,
    To have it believed your doing of it...
    Has been conquered with it done successfully.''
    To a life lived overcoming my own obstacles.
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  • ''Persistence! No one is given.
    Nor is incentive.
    Motivation with desire to excell.
    Whatever is wished to want to get,
    Involves the effort to endeavor it.
    And dreams to fulfill,
    Comes to those willing to sacrifice...
    Time remaining disciplined.''
    Faith. And a love to do what one does!
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  • ''Do the best you can.
    And feel good about the doing of it.
    Making that feeling felt to know,
    Only you can feel it better.
    Without anyone to recommend,
    Or suggest how that is done.''
    To anyone that has endured, Disappointment to regret... The pleasing of someone else. To then become upset, For tolerating to allow... Being taken for granted.
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When a mind is shut...
Don't try to pry it open.
It is better where it is decaying,
Left alone.
Leave it!
There is hope with others showing
Signs of response.
Those who are replusive...
Are already dead anyway!