Lawrie Stuart Ronton

Rookie ((1900-1865) / An Industrial City in a shoddily assembled one-floored house.)

Biography of Lawrie Stuart Ronton

Stuart Ronton, like many others, grew up in a busy urban town that was renown for its huge industry. He lived witha poor family and lived for 10 years in a shoddily assembled, one-floored house. Having no personal possessions, other than his widely famous clockwork mouse. Ronton moved out to seek a job at the age of only 10. Only a year later, both of his parents died of scurvy, leaving Ronton with nothing. He began writing poems and stories at the age of 13, which strongly influenced his beliefs and views on life.
At the age of only 15, he had his first poem published and printed. This was entitled 'I Am The Slotted Man'.
Producing at least two hundred pieces of poetry and writing more than 50 short stories, Stuart Ronton became extremely well known in the writing industry. Although, Ronton didn't just write poems, people say he made up strange beings and places in his mind. Putting each idea onto paper, Stuart Ronton was sentenced to five years in jail for expressing his beliefs. Many were offended by Rontons drawings of the dark creatures he created in his mind and from then on, his main focal point again became poetry. Most often, the poems resembled the ideas he had in his mind and sometimes even related to his complex pictures of the creatures and places.
After publishing his 'Book of Wrongdoings' in 1861, Ronton fell ill. Being condemned to a mental institute, he was monitored each and every day.
At the age of 35 he met his death after waking up in the middle of the night from a horrific dream. Ten minutes after waking up, he suffered a heart attack. One paitent claimed to have heard him shout 'Est con zild' before dying in his bed.

Lawrie Stuart Ronton's Works:

The Book of Wrongdoings Updates


Not a hose,
Nor the old rose.
In the corner of the room,
It blooms.

Red petals, Not blue.
Call out in distress,
To the Phazaiyll,
It doesn't reply...

Falling down,
his van hits a ditch.
It draws the suspension,
from under its latch.

He lies in the ditch.

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