Laxman Rao

Freshman - 981 Points [L.Rao] (Bangalore)

Laxman Rao Poems

41. The Day I Conceive My Conscience 5/15/2014
42. Where Are My Worst Worries Vested 5/16/2014
43. An Egoists False Pride 5/19/2014
44. I Tend To Write 5/29/2014
45. Where The Song Poesy Is Sung.. 5/29/2014
46. An Affair With Imagery & Creativity 6/23/2014
47. I Know You My Love 6/27/2014
48. As Comes The Morn 6/27/2014
49. If …poesy Could Be Defined… 9/2/2014
50. My Tribute 9/2/2014
51. Amongst Fortune And Fate 9/2/2014
52. Keep Moving... 9/7/2014
53. The Loss Of My Intellect 3/25/2014
54. Sonnet: Where The Senses Are Scot-Free 9/30/2014
55. The Creative Grit.. 10/1/2014
56. Spark Of A Thought 10/1/2014
57. My Ego & My Wife 10/1/2014
58. My Sonnets... 10/6/2014
59. How I Look Like A Poet 10/6/2014
60. The Poet In Me... 3/3/2015
61. O’er To Depression 4/28/2015
62. The Reflection Of The Mind 12/12/2015
63. At The Foothold Of My Knowledge 12/15/2015
64. Knowledge And Wisdom 12/28/2015
65. Life Is A Happening... 2/9/2016
66. Ode On Sir Van Gogh 2/9/2016
67. Sonnet: Poesy-My Love 2/16/2016
68. On A Affirmative Note 3/15/2016
69. Poets Poetry Atwin Sonnet 3/22/2016
70. Sonnet: Crux Of The Art- Poetry 3/28/2016
71. I'm Not A Complete Poet 3/28/2016
72. Sonnet: Amidst Optimism And Pessimism 4/12/2016
73. My Beloved Art: Poesy 4/12/2016
74. Moods Are The Magnetic Compulsions 4/12/2016
75. My Black Lady 4/21/2016
76. Incognito 9/24/2014
77. Discovery A Poet 9/24/2014
78. To Be…is To Be At Ease 9/24/2014
79. Sonnet: A Poignant Verse 9/26/2014
80. The Poet's Pride 11/15/2014
Best Poem of Laxman Rao

To Her Highness Maya Angelou

Maya …The very word is in sync
With enigma on our lands
As enigmatic as thy voice sounds
In thine words; as profound
And as magnetic thy
Verse appeal to us.
As thy have grown high
In stature and been in infinite
As a beaming bright star
In the poetical universe,
You'd peep down at times
And see the hand that's
Going cravious for the craft,
As one's appetite goes starving.

What moved thine mind
I may never know….
And what's moving in ones mind
Hope you'll ever know….
What was the grit that thy did
Armor as thine spirit, ...

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Meditating On Madness

I wish, I would be in penance
sitting on the lap of nature;
lest I forget my-self
or the very word oblivion.

I feel the inner psyche
seeks peace within self.
As if the world is within my reach
although I'm a world within.

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