Leann Pilgrim Quotes

10 October 2021

I have finally found love through the pain, In the end of all the pain the amount of love I felt is greater than the pain.

25 October 2021

Do we ever get to live life at any moment without feeling pain or fear. Because I stop feeling lonely and the bad pain I felt when someone I cared about would hurt me. But now I have the fear that any day he could stop loving me and wouldn't want me anymore and a fresh new pain would come.

14 November 2021

Today I sat at my computer read todays new quotes and new poems and all I see is how important money is but it ain't because true happiness can not be bought and true love can not be bought. My favorite bible saying 'The love of money is the root of all evil.' U can have money but when money becomes your everything real life happiness fades away.

16 November 2021

Is it better 2 say U love 2 some1 knowing your lying because your still love, care and feel like U need the 1 person that hurted U be4 but sadly If he wanted me 2 I would run a back 2 him. So I had 2 let go of the person with me now 2 be able 2 be yourself

19 November 2021

The old me is so gone because today is a new beginning and I'm not let the person who ripped my heart out get off at my dying inside and how am I going to get success of finding me someone who truly loves me for who I am. It's time for a change, because this girl looked in the mirror and said it's time she changes her ways from being so negative about herself. So, I'm single now in search of someone who truly loves me for me, but his time I'm not rushing it so I get this search will not turn into another heartbreak for me.

22 November 2021

Oh, how I didn't not know the search for someone who would truly love me for me is so terribly painful while I continue to search for it. It seems to grow more and more day by day when you have no one to turn to that would understand your pain, a person you know you can trust and won't abandon you when you need them because life trumna and pain has cause you so much pain, agony, loneliness, and terrible, terrible sorrow. Oh, I just want to be happy is that too much to ask for? Oh, I don't want to feel no more of that false love that has cause me to be so broken I want to know what it's looks like and what it feel like? . Oh, God have you abandon me like all in my life have? . Because, if so oh how I beg you to return and help me fight to survive this horrible and empty world.