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  • ''dear you, you do not owe social media anything.-Lebo Chepape''
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  • ''we found love waiting when we got here, we are going to leave it behind the day we go, but we will find more of it where we are heading.-Lebo Chepape''
  • ''hormones and feelings are dangerous things, but we are human and we need them.-Lebo Chepape''
  • ''always make room for the things you never plan to accommodate, the come in anyway.-Lebo Chepape''
  • ''my life is love, purpose and nothing else.-Lebo Chepape''
  • ''here's the most amazing awesome scary terrifying thing about life: anything can and will happen.-Lebo Chepape''
  • ''you have every right to perceive whatever of me, think however of me. just respect my presence. that's all.-Lebo Chepape''
  • ''you better start thinking & believing you're enough. because to everybody else, you are always going to be too much or never enough.-Lebo Chepape''
  • ''maybe autocorrect is a very mean modernized technological Freudian Slip.-Lebo Chepape''
  • ''maybe if you don't rush into it, it won't be quick to end.-Lebo Chepape''
    Don't rush

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Best Poem of Lebo Chepape

Fire Heart

(image not owned by author *)
(originally written 2015)

She charges fire to the sun and embraces the glow
Her untamed flames of thought like lava flow
She sets out a raging blaze make the globe glow
Now all in ashes the wind comes fast to blow

Like the luscious trees and the fresh green leaves
Her fire rises like a pyre & brightly beams

Her fire grows
Burning once again her constraints and woes
Smoke filling up the sky in rows

Like the trail of dancing planes
Like riots of lonely hurricanes
Like devils and saints
And war ...

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(originally written 2012)

Once upon a bright sunny morn
Spring is born
The beast of the East
Awakens from his sleep

Summers expression

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