Lechelle Jones (01.24.91,D.C)

Lechelle Jones (01.24.91,D.C) Poems

1. This Man 5/24/2009
2. The One 5/24/2009
3. This That You Are To Me 5/24/2009
4. No Us In Love 5/24/2009
5. Promise 5/25/2009
6. Stuck 5/25/2009
7. Time In Loosing You 5/25/2009
8. Graduate 6/2/2009
9. If 6/3/2009
10. Torn 6/5/2009
11. No More 6/5/2009
12. Lie To Me 6/20/2009
13. My Simple Little Prayer. 9/25/2009
14. Love Is Not My Friend 1/29/2010
15. The Girl That Lives His Heart *i Am 2/1/2010
16. He Is 3/15/2010
17. Im Learing 3/28/2010
18. Can I Be 4/20/2010
19. You Should 1/5/2011
20. As My Son Came To This World. 6/14/2009
21. The Passion He Gives To Me 6/17/2009
22. Blind To Touch The Emtion Of Love 5/24/2009
23. Can I Call You Worth My Effort 5/24/2009
24. People Don'T Know Our Love 5/24/2009
25. When Love Comes Back 5/24/2009
26. Delima 5/25/2009
27. Never Say It...That Four Letter Word 5/25/2009
28. Battered Wife (Not A Personal Experience) 5/25/2009
29. As His Love Fades 6/18/2009
30. 'Clap It Up For You' 6/4/2009
31. Teach Me To Love 6/20/2009
32. Rain 6/3/2009
33. Hate U 6/5/2009
34. I Cant 5/24/2009
35. A Beautiful Stripper Girl 6/20/2009
36. He See's (God) 6/3/2009
37. Can U See 6/9/2009
38. A Young Girl Found Love 5/24/2009
39. Come Back 5/24/2009
40. Crush 6/17/2009

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She's alone half the time
No one sees the danger and pain seekin from behind her eyes

She sits and cries half the time about her love that cheats and lies. the pain gets so deep inside she wants to die

She smiles as if she's happy
So she smiles to hide the pain
Family's gone
Two miscarriges
Feels her life will never be the same

People wonder what's her issue but don't care enough to ask.
She can never be herself because emotions cause her to where a mask.

She hides the scars
So she hides the truth
She thinks a knife may make it easier to ...

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Come Back

Tears fallen on my pillow
Pain drilling thru my head
Its all the thoughts of u never coming back that has me crying in my bed
Tell me why u left me what did I do to to make u leave
Im sorry for everything
baby, just come back to me please
Remeber those late nights all the things we use to do all those times you'd come over just to say I love you
I want it all back right here and right now
I want my husband, my soulmate and the future father of my child

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