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1. The Chain Gang Is The Click 11/13/2008
2. Weak Or Strong 11/14/2008
3. Step Up Or Step Aside 11/14/2008
4. Fight 11/18/2008
5. Blood Thirst 11/18/2008
6. Life 12/18/2008
7. Y 2/12/2009
8. V-Day 2/12/2009
9. 13 2/13/2009
10. She Left 3/26/2009
11. The Next Round 3/26/2009
12. Pump 3/27/2009
13. Don'T Let It Occurr 4/30/2009
14. Why Does She Still Stare 4/30/2009
15. The Dark 5/1/2009
16. Mixed Up 5/1/2009
17. You Know Who's Back 5/1/2009
18. Her Leaving 5/8/2009
19. Thinking 5/8/2009
20. Battle 5/8/2009
21. 4 Jenna Our Angel 5/11/2009
22. A.O. 5/13/2009
23. My Worst Enemy 5/14/2009
24. The Challenge 5/15/2009
25. Vandal 5/18/2009
26. The Keeper Of My Soul 5/19/2009
27. Reflection 5/19/2009
28. I Got Her 9/28/2009
29. Yeah Im Happy 9/29/2009
30. The Shot 9/29/2009
31. This Is What I Got 10/9/2009
32. Blood Sucker 11/20/2009
33. My Tears My Boyz 2/22/2010
34. My Little Hint 5/13/2009
35. Who Are They To Judge? 11/5/2008

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Who Are They To Judge?

Who are they to judge me and what I see! Why cant they just let me be and live my boring life out. All I want to do now is scream and shout I feel as if I have no home anymore I feel like I should be alone why do they bother me so. This I would like to know but I cant figure it out can any one tell me this, does anyone have the answer why can’t I live my life by myself why do they think they can run it. God gave me this life to control yet they interfere with it they don’t know me one bit so why do they want to control it.
Why do they judge who I love and who I don’t why do they need to ...

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Step Up Or Step Aside

come on take me on! .... thats all i want u to do.
i'll come like thunder and put u 6 foot under.
u better step up and take me on,
or step aside or u will be gone....poof just like that.

she is readin' this so baby listen i do what do,
cuz its all for u.

so come on i'll take anyone on!

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