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Lee Hutsby Quotes

  • ''I am the phoenix rising from the ashes,
    The ashes of what we have become,
    I fear not death, not man, nothing upon this earth,
    I am the wind that you feel on your face,
    I am the air you breath,
    I am the fire that burns inside you,
    I am the thoughts that consume you,
    I am your nightmare,
    I am your redemption,
    I am your only release,
    I am the thing in the back of your mind,
    I am the song you listen to,
    I am all you fear,
    I am all you dream,
    I am your destruction,
    I am in all you are,
    I am all In all that you will be,
    I am the wrath,
    I am indestructible,
    I am forever,
    I am your destiny,
    I am your enemy,
    I am your friend,
    I am your lover,
    I am your hater,
    I am everything,
    I am everywhere.................''
    gregoire mckay
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My Prayer With Thank's

Thou hast saved me from my own worldly ways,
you came to me and paved the way,
teaching me what's wrong and right,
helping me to get through the night,
calming me when I sit in fear,
strengthening me letting me know that thou art near,
even when I stray away,
you are there every step of the way,
no matter what I ever do,

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