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  • ''I am the phoenix rising from the ashes,
    The ashes of what we have become,
    I fear not death, not man, nothing upon this earth,
    I am the wind that you feel on your face,
    I am the air you breath,
    I am the fire that burns inside you,
    I am the thoughts that consume you,
    I am your nightmare,
    I am your redemption,
    I am your only release,
    I am the thing in the back of your mind,
    I am the song you listen to,
    I am all you fear,
    I am all you dream,
    I am your destruction,
    I am in all you are,
    I am all In all that you will be,
    I am the wrath,
    I am indestructible,
    I am forever,
    I am your destiny,
    I am your enemy,
    I am your friend,
    I am your lover,
    I am your hater,
    I am everything,
    I am everywhere.................''
    gregoire mckay
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Here I lay breathless and wide awake,
Wondering what will become of us, my heart so afraid,
My heart that will only ever beat for you my love,
So many things I regret and sorry is never enough,
Hoping that our love will get stronger again one day,
I would give all I have for this to never fail,
Baby Girl see the love in my eyes, See the love in my heart,
It would be so painful for us to be apart.

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