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Lee Price is a writer from upstate New York. His poetry has been published in a number of small press literary journals including The Worcester Review, Rockhurst Review, Peregrine, Troubadour: Le Poete Lyrique, Comstock Review, HazMat Review, Penumbra, Art & Academe, Apotheosis, Eratica, and others. His poem 'A Steaming Cup of Jasmine Tea' won the David Ray Poetry Prize, awarded by Potpourri Magazine in 2001.

Lee Price's Works:

'A Steaming Cup of Jasmine Tea.' Potpourri: A Magazine of the Literary Arts 12, no.1 (2000) .
[Awarded First Prize, David Ray Poetry Award (2001) .]

'Arctic Fire.' Sightings: Poems on Discovery, edited by Pat Falk. Islip, NY: Live Poets Society,1999.

'Chinese Red.', Eratica: Half a Bubble off Plumb, Wayne, MI.,1999.[Front cover: poem and illustration]

'Chinese Red.' Penumbra, California State University 10 (2000) .

'Dance of the Dervish.' Peregrine, Amherst Artists and Writers 28 (1999) .

'Dust Bowl.' The Worcester Review 21, No.1&2 (1999) .

'Eyeball to Eyeball.' Art & Academe: A Journal for the Humanities and Sciences in the Education of Artists 11, no.2 (1999) .

'Haiku in the Rain.' Monterey News, Monterey, MA, October 1998.

'Skullduggery.' Troubadour, Le Poete Lyrique, II, no.2 (1999) . [Reprinted in: Psychopoetica 45 (2000) , and in: The Lyric 83.1 (2003) .]

'The Loved.' The Rockhurst Review: A Fine Arts Journal, Rockhurst University XII (1999) .

'What the Kittyhawk Said.' Penumbra, California State University 10 (2000) .

Lee Price, Poetry and Other Writings, [getCITED.org].

Mathematical Articles:

H. Lee Price 'The Pythagorean Tree: A New Species'. arXiv: 0809.4324.

Bernhart, Frank R. and Price, H. Lee (2005) . 'Heron's formula, Descartes circles, and Pythagorean triangles'. arXiv: math/0701624v1



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What The Kittyhawk Said

'Be gentle when you touch the sky,
When night turns black and blue...

Especially where it's swollen red,

And tender pinks surround the wound.'

She winced as sunset oozed and bled,
As Orville's wings swept past her head.

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