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Lee Price is a writer from upstate New York. His poetry has been published in a number of small press literary journals including The Worcester Review, Rockhurst Review, Peregrine, Troubadour: Le Poete Lyrique, Comstock Review, HazMat Review, Penumbra, Art & Academe, Apotheosis, Eratica, and others. His poem 'A Steaming Cup of Jasmine Tea' won the David Ray Poetry Prize, awarded by Potpourri Magazine in 2001.

Lee Price's Works:

'A Steaming Cup of Jasmine Tea.' Potpourri: A Magazine of the Literary Arts 12, no.1 (2000) .
[Awarded First Prize, David Ray Poetry Award (2001) .]

'Arctic Fire.' Sightings: Poems on Discovery, edited by Pat Falk. Islip, NY: Live Poets Society,1999.

'Chinese Red.', Eratica: Half a Bubble off Plumb, Wayne, MI.,1999.[Front cover: poem and illustration]

'Chinese Red.' Penumbra, California State University 10 (2000) .

'Dance of the Dervish.' Peregrine, Amherst Artists and Writers 28 (1999) .

'Dust Bowl.' The Worcester Review 21, No.1&2 (1999) .

'Eyeball to Eyeball.' Art & Academe: A Journal for the Humanities and Sciences in the Education of Artists 11, no.2 (1999) .

'Haiku in the Rain.' Monterey News, Monterey, MA, October 1998.

'Skullduggery.' Troubadour, Le Poete Lyrique, II, no.2 (1999) . [Reprinted in: Psychopoetica 45 (2000) , and in: The Lyric 83.1 (2003) .]

'The Loved.' The Rockhurst Review: A Fine Arts Journal, Rockhurst University XII (1999) .

'What the Kittyhawk Said.' Penumbra, California State University 10 (2000) .

Lee Price, Poetry and Other Writings, [getCITED.org].

Mathematical Articles:

H. Lee Price 'The Pythagorean Tree: A New Species'. arXiv: 0809.4324.

Bernhart, Frank R. and Price, H. Lee (2005) . 'Heron's formula, Descartes circles, and Pythagorean triangles'. arXiv: math/0701624v1



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A universe of jelly, a galaxy of sin
a tangled globe of neurons my thoughts are swirling in.

A cloud of swimming fire, a whirling mass of lust
gelatinous and funny, a silly mass of dust.

A billion tiny thoughts, electrically synapsing
emotions, dreams and images alchemically reacting.

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