Lee Toballs

Biography of Lee Toballs

Lee,23 the son of Sweedish father Veg Toballs and Italian mother Mea Toballs. Lee was born after his parents had moved to the cultural centre of Barnsley. Lee is a keen bird watcher and his prize spots include great tits and more great tits.
Among his other passions are Tazo collecting and magnets. Lee is owner of argueably the most powerful handheld magnet in the world capable of pulling a small car.
Poetry is however his favourite pastime and his literary influences include FHM and Max Power. His favourite would have to be that Rasta guy who wrote about 'funky chickens' and won an OBE.
There is far more to be written about this man but this forms an adequate introduction. His poetry has been described by critics as 'as full of shite as the loo of Indian restaurant on a Friday night' and his brail edition of 'Hope on the Horizon' was described as 'a revelation on the fingertips.'

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Bubble Gum

Mary had some bubble gum, bubble gum, bubble gum
Mary had some bubble gum
she chewed it long and slow.

Everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went
everywhere that Mary went
her gum was sure to blow.

She chewed the gum in school one day, school one day, school one day

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