Leeme Sek'huk'huni

Rookie (30/10/1989 / Maseru Lesotho)

Biography of Leeme Sek'huk'huni

i'm a teenage girl born from both Basotho parents.I grew up in Lesotho's city.a very sociable and intelligent girl with ambition in life.As far as poetry is concerned, i regard myself as a poetryholic and indeed rock with my pieces.I'm in the early stages of recognising this ambition and soon from now i'll be called the next 'Maya Angelou'.everyday i wake up with a piece of poetry, it being a quote or a poem and kick out of bed.Myfriends and people around me call me Bias, i like that.

Leeme Sek'huk'huni's Works:

i've never published a book so far but i write and recite poems.

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I Am A Woman

I'm a woman who never cackle but tackles,
With no pride but who's tight,
Who wishes to bring the changes not chances
who's longing to fight life not buy faces
A woman who takes what she wants when she wants it

A woman who appreciates either the
Destructive or constructive criticism.
Who creates the foundation called the baby

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