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Leila Ired Poems

1. Someday 6/4/2007
2. I Have Known 6/4/2007
3. Hero (Systematic Discussion) 6/30/2007
4. Like Daylight 7/5/2007
5. But One Gospel 1/28/2008
6. Windfall 3/19/2009
7. Exsanguination 7/21/2010
8. For You My Love -Translation 5/31/2007
9. About A Family -Translation 6/1/2007
10. Beige 7/15/2010
11. Searching For Pride 6/30/2007
12. Scapegoats 6/1/2007
13. Judgment Day 6/4/2007
14. Motivations / Goals 5/31/2007
15. Pater Noster -Translation 6/1/2007
16. Laundry 7/15/2010
17. Crosswalk 6/4/2007
18. New Age Feminism 7/15/2010
19. Immigration Policy 7/5/2007
20. Paris At Night -Translation 6/1/2007
21. The Dunce -Translation 6/1/2007
22. Juxtaposition 5/31/2007

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They say,
between black and white there is gray in choices
perhaps brown or mulatto or mestizo in people

They say,
two wrongs can make a right
that atrocity must be answered with another

They say, when the ears hear them clearly,
that the soul is caught between two worlds
eye for eye, tooth for tooth

They say, when the edge is near,
yes! choose a side
so only one bomb will strike you

They say,
their words are the mind's thoughts
but then why do they ring so falsely?

why does the beating heart scream to the throbbing ...

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Motivations / Goals

For my sister.

It is not for you
the cursing praise
the lying truths
the grieving joy in artifice

For you there is
the wind on your face
the sun in your hair
and the sweet biting chill of iridescent raindrops
in unclouded eyes.

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