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I have been through alot in a little time. I show how i feel through my poems. If they are sad, I wrote them crying. If they are angry, I wrote them when I was livid. So on and so forth. My poems are the only way I really actually express my feelings, so they are important to me. Read and give me some feedback if you like. Please and thank you :) Oh, and I'm Puerto Rican (so I speak spanish)
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I'M Tired

I'm tired
Not i went to sleep at 2: 00 am and had to wake up early
Not like dozing off in class
Not tired like I need more sleep
But tired of bloody wars and useless fighting
Of seeing poor, starving children who look like very fragile twigs
Of those people who are victims of hate crimes beacuse they are
Of hearing about children plagued my bruises from abuse

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