Leila Samarrai

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41. I Was Told To Drop Dead 11/20/2015
42. The Darkness Will Understand 2/24/2015
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The Darkness Will Understand

In the bed I do not rely on commandments
The roses already fraught with wind
How many clocks do you ask
While the morning overladen with eternity is late
Delirium morning

They foresee the end of the world
Through star gates
They will wish to open them, open them they will not be able to
They will wish to close both them and the road
The poems shall herald the dead
The dead and the living will depart for false mouth
Without a single sense

My God sleeps murmuring prayers
After which I inherit sadness, wind, mountains, birds
Yet hands and ...

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Another Dream

The scream of three children among the leaves
Close to the waterfall and the abyss
Roses too close to them
Should I follow them or overlook them

Strange decisions
And children miracles with no self-belief
In due time the ground and constellations should be known
So the last revelation

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