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Leinad Zerimar Quotes

  • ''"All of life is a striving against the emptiness that threatens to inevitably consume us."''
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  • '''0 = ∞'''
    Nothing is infinite. Infinity is no-thing.
  • ''"Only fools believe that violence will solve everything, but those who think violence will solve nothing are equally foolish."''
  • '''To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing which makes us animals. Being human, then, is to properly control our instinctual behavior; to inhibit or release our animistic passion and fury, with equal necessity and deference.'''

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Rain pelts his face as he plummets along the walls;
Pace unbroken through a pall of sky-showers.
An angel cries above,
But the wind drowns her out.

With a thunderous crash
He strikes the ground;
Shock-waves of dust and debris
Encircle him.

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