Lekë Loshi

Rookie (5/13/93 / Prishtina, Kosovo)

Lekë Loshi Poems

1. A Painted Firmament 12/13/2009
2. So Far Away... 12/13/2009
3. Requiem 1/23/2010
4. What Is Life? 1/23/2010
5. Wind 2/10/2010
6. The Ghost Of Kosovo 2/20/2010
7. Teal Eyes 2/27/2010
8. Et Tu, Brute? 2/28/2010
9. Age 2/28/2010
10. What A Horrible Day! 3/2/2010
11. Deceived 3/6/2010
12. Wine Of Day 3/21/2010
13. Flight 4/27/2010
14. Hemp 7/23/2010
15. The Young Blossom 7/23/2010
16. Crooked Wings 7/29/2010
17. Asylums Of Light 8/11/2010
18. Boagie Girl 8/14/2010
19. Fetters 11/5/2010
20. Fresh Paint On Your Mirror 11/5/2010
21. Blue Skies 12/31/2010
22. Gravel 12/6/2009
23. The Mist 12/6/2009
24. To A Dear Friend 12/6/2009
25. Mark Antony 12/6/2009
26. Droopy Face 2/28/2010

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Best Poem of Lekë Loshi

Mark Antony

Mixed were our passions
When we so simultaneously met
It was as if we were meant
Like beige and silk for fashions
I pray you were sent
From heaven as a gift
A gift, which I have yet to unfold

Happy were the days when we shared our dreams
Hopeful were the years when we ripened
That our friendship would only be heightened
Those were our only dreams

Sad were the days when you left me
Over the land and across the sea
Where were you Mark Antony?
When they pulled the dagger in.

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To A Dear Friend

Do not wound yourself
With the foul remarks of a crowd
Because like a cloud
They disperse faintly

One day, heavy rain will deluge you to tears
The other day, the sun will dry away your fears

All is complicated, but one thing will remain simple

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