Lekshmi Menon

Biography of Lekshmi Menon

Lekshmi S Menon.
Born on 15 July,1988, in Kerala, India.
A cancerian.
Mornings make her dramatic,
Evenings melancholic,
Night time poetic and
sleep nostalgic...

Loves to climb rooftops, lie down and watch the stars above.
Loves RAIN when there is someone 2 walk under her umbrella.
Can starve as much as desired, hates eating food.
Finds delight in talking.
Finds solace in music...; anything that has a bit of her, anything that instills memories and anything that hurts her.
LOVEs 2 laugh.
Interested in philosophy, psychology and anything thats wierd..
Loves 2 ruminate on her past and look into the Future.
She loves 2 write and be creative; but too lazy 2 pick up a pen.
Believes in fairy tales, Angels, heaven and afterlives.

Pleased to die while sitting on an armchair, re-living the best memory, when the favourite music is played on.

LIFE 2 HER is a perfect stage of experiences and


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A dropp of honey to soothe my burning heart
A tinge of ecstasy to hide these pricking blues
A swim across Lethe to sink into nothing but oblivion
Ah! Things impossible are the things most desired.

Irreparable has my heart turned
Incorrigible has my life become
Incapable am i to pull myself back to me
Invisible turned the path that took me here.

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