Leland D'Elormie

Leland D'Elormie Poems

1. For The Love Of The Lens 3/12/2013
2. Candlemas Eve 3/12/2013
3. Apocalypse 3/12/2013
4. Traveling Black Carnival Show 3/12/2013
5. One Of Many Treasures 3/12/2013
6. Richard's Men 3/12/2013
7. Evangelique 3/12/2013
8. This And That 3/12/2013
9. Doubt 3/12/2013
10. The Beautiful Nothing Beyond 3/12/2013
11. An Escort For Rowena 3/12/2013
12. Ode To An Empiric 3/12/2013
13. Hard Face 3/12/2013
14. Abolition 3/12/2013
15. You Two May Kiss 3/12/2013
16. Mystic Pool 3/12/2013
17. Gnomefield 3/12/2013
18. The Ice Sculptress 3/12/2013
19. Warrior-Poets 3/12/2013
20. Stony, Stony Gorge 3/12/2013
21. Little Zip (Ruler Of The Bog) 3/12/2013
22. The Red Riverboat 3/12/2013
23. The Guardian Pine 3/12/2013
24. The Christmas Toad 3/12/2013
25. The Stablewoman 3/12/2013
26. A Dare 3/12/2013
27. There 3/12/2013
28. Flight Of The Moonswan 3/12/2013
29. In Defense Of The Bitter 3/12/2013
30. Journey From The Borthwick Inn 3/12/2013
31. Happy 3/12/2013
32. Useful You 3/12/2013
33. The Eye Of Gog 3/12/2013
34. Anything 3/12/2013
35. Ladies, Ladies 3/12/2013

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Best Poem of Leland D'Elormie

Ladies, Ladies

Ladies, Ladies,
For Our Lady's virtue,
Be as she: incomparable,
Bold and Free,
None Fairer, Be as she,
The one whose boy,
Is like unto the son.

Darling Beauty,
Brighten for the future,
Hope in me; Uncontainable,
As the sea,
Wild woman, Hope in me,
The one to whom,
All this great wrong you've done.

Mothers, Mothers,
Be more than the chamber,
In which we, in our ignorance,
Cannot see,
None weaker; Blind and Free,
We are, whose blood,
Is yours, whose sins you ...

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The Eye Of Gog

When every drink is drained and every door,
Is bolted tight and silence fills the house,
The shadow moves; he slips across the floor,
Dark patterns break like waves on weary minds,
And all familiarity is blind,
And skin melts up the arm and down the back,
The demon's footfalls squeak at every crack,
So standing over me is my nightmare,
And also staring from my easy chair,

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